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In the year 2000 Emmer Green Residents' Association organised and hosted an exhibition on the history of Emmer Green, as part of the Millennium celebrations. The exhibition was hailed a triumph and many visitors asked for a book.

There had already been at least two years of research before the exhibition, but a lot more was required to create a well-balanced and hopefully accurate book. We were able to get another grant from the Millennium Festival ‘Awards for All’ to help towards costs, but one of the conditions was that the task had to be finished within the year – no mean feat! Eventually all obstacles were overcome and, with a nail-biting finish from the printers, it was launched in a blaze of publicity on 20th October 2001. Pre-sales and launch sales accounted for the distribution of over 500 books with the remainder disappearing within the following month. The demand for the book continued to grow and in May 2003 a revised and updated second edition was launched. The reprint sold out by early 2006, but if there is sufficient interest, a third edition may be published in the future. Please make let us know via the Contact Us page on this site or speak to a committee member if you would like to add your name to the list.

The Book
There are 120 pages (including 8 in full colour in the first edition) in the book, plus a detailed index. It catalogues the history from Paeolithic times right up to the present day. There are over 300 photographs and detailed accompanying text. There are copies of early maps in the book including the 1844 tithe map. More recent maps have been specially drawn for this publication.
As well as documenting the buildings and landscape of Emmer Green there is much emphasis on its people. The community spirit and intimacy of the original village, the groups, organisations and establishments that set up in the 1950s as the population grew, are covered. Sadly, some of those with detailed knowledge of the early days have recently died, but we are privileged to have recorded their memories first hand.

Reviews and Comments

Reading Evening Post:
“ A new information packed book………reveals some of the area’s previously uncovered secrets.”

Henley Standard:
“…… These wartime stories and many others on the history of the area can be found in a fascinating illustrated book Emmer Green Past and Present”  

Caversham Bridge:
“…… As I collected my copy at the launch in the parish church hall of St Barnabas last month, there was a swell of voices that gave a pleasing sense of community. It felt good to be in Emmer Green and, thanks to its excellent history, I can now stroll round the woods of Clayfield Copse and the heart of the old ‘village’, armed with much information and a sense of belonging.”

Local Studies Specialist, Reading Central Library:
“ It is wonderful to see the results of research finally published, especially when it is as well produced as this.”  

Berkshire Record Office:
“ We congratulate all concerned on the wonderful range of topics covered and on the numerous illustrations gathered together. We are sure it will be a great success locally. Moreover, the final presentation and ‘feel’ of the book to handle and read is superb.”  

Mary Kift, local historian:
“ I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and congratulate you all on a really excellent production.”

Local Studies Librarian, Slough:
“… of the best local history books I’ve seen……..nice digestible ‘chapters’, lovely illustrations and a comprehensive index.”